Madeline Weinrib, fellow textile aficionado and dog lover

Tina and I took a trip to the San Francisco Design Center last week for one of our semi annual shopping trips to get inspiration and ideas for upcoming collections of dog beds and other doggie attire. We were very excited to come upon Madeline Weinrib’s stunning new showroom which opened just a couple months back.


We have always admired the designer and fellow dog lover’s textiles and use of color and pattern. A former fine artist and great granddaughter of the founder of ABC Carpet and Home in NYC (another favorite of Tina’s and mine),  Madeline finally designed her very own collection for the store twelve years ago and since then has become a huge success and name in the design world. Her products are extremely pricey but people are willing to pay for her fresh interpretations of centuries old patterns, juicy color combinations and lush fabrics. Her background as a fine artist and world traveler gave her the eye to create dynamic fresh designs from rugs to fashion, wallpaper to textiles.



I love these postcards highlighting all of Madeline’s prints and patterns! They look great featured together on this single wall.


For me the most exciting discovery is that Madeline is now designing wallpaper. Given that we just bought our first home and I have been dying to wallpaper our mini powder room, I was swooning over this new hand blocked blue and white pattern, “Moroc”.  At $325 a roll that’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’ll just have to sell some more dog collars and save up for this one : )!




Dogs & Art

Dogs have been man’s (and woman’s) best friend and steady companions from the beginning of time, so it’s no surprise that they are a part of not only our every day life, but also a part of art throughout history.  Dogs have apparently appeared in art as far back as 4500 BC in cave paintings alongside wild animals.  Lex is our resident art expert around here — I merely act like I have any knowledge or understanding of art.  But there are quite a few famous artists that I admire whose paintings include dogs.

Paul Gauguin’s paintings and his unexpected use of colors have always appealed to me, and this one, The Kelp Gatherer, is no exception.

Paul Gauguin

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso’s prolific works range from paintings to ceramics and this painting, Boy with a Dog, one of his earlier works, is one of my favorites.

Boy with a Dog, Pablo Picasso

Another artist that I love, Frida Kahlo, surrounded herself with numerous pets, including a rare and expensive breed of dogs, highly prized by the Aztecs.  Here is a self portrait, “Itzcuintli Dog with Me”

Itzcuintli Dog with Me, Frida Kahlo

Edward Hopper, best known for his renderings of modern American life, includes several dogs in both his urban and rural scenes.  This one, titled Clamdigger is one of my favorites.

Clamdigger by Edward Hopper

xo, Tina